Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan Let Loose On Aviva Drescher

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Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan have made an enemy out of Aviva Drescher. The two Real Housewives of New York veterans have been locked in a bitter feud with her since their trip to St. Barths, even though their dislike for each other started long before that.

In a new interview with Star Magazine, Ramona and Sonja are speaking their minds and not holding back. “[Aviva] was actually much more vicious than viewers saw. Bravo edited it, so she didn’t look as bad,” Ramona told the mag regarding their overseas vacation. “There was no valid reason for her to go off on us like that. She must have forgotten her meds. Something was really off.”

Sonja, who also engaged in a screaming match with Aviva during the trip, says she was downright shocked to hear Aviva call them “white trash.” She states, “All of us have been very gracious to Aviva’s father, George, no matter how embarrassingly he behaved, and yet she calls us white trash? Disgusting.”

Aviva’s father is quite the character but his antics were hilarious and fans loved him. Sure, he may have been a bit perverted, but it was all in good fun and everyone seemed to get a kick out of him at the time — even Sonja.

While the girls had seemed to graze by the “white trash” comment during the episode, they seemed to be getting more and more bothered by it as time goes on. Ramona even went as far as to say it is like using the N-word!

As far as a possible reconciliation between the three ladies, Ramona says she’s not on board. “I will be friendly toward Aviva, but we can’t ever be close again. I tried. But she turned the tables, saying I betrayed her, I’m the mean girl. But she betrayed me with the way she spoke to me – she is the mean girl!”

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