Ramona Singer: Sonja Plays Both Sides!

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Ramona Singer was left out of Sonja Morgan’s toaster oven photo shoot and when she asked Sonja about it, she said their co-star Heather Thompson was to blame. However, when Heather brought it up to Sonja, she had a completely different story. It seems as though someone is playing both sides.

Ramona tells Us Weekly, “Sonja had told me that she wasn’t being listened to at the photo shoot and wanted me there to make sure her voice was heard — and told me point-blank that Heather did not want me there.” However, as fans saw on last night’s Real Housewives of New York, when Ramona, Sonja, and Heather all spoke with each other, the truth came out. Heather had simply agreed that no one unassociated with the shoot should be there. Heather was never the one to single Ramona out.

Ramona may have seemed unaware of Sonja’s trouble-causing ways during the episode but now says, “After watching the episode, I’m thinking Sonja may be riding both sides of the fence with me and Heather?”

It’s a good thing Ramona Singer is coming to her senses. Sonja seems to be pinning her and Heather against each other. But why?

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