Ramona Singer Talks About Her Confrontation With Heather

Ramona Singer and her co-star Heather Thompson do not get along. In fact, they have been butting heads since the first episode of season 5 of Real Housewives of New York and tension doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

In this week’s Bravo blog, Ramona explains her frustrations. “I for one cannot begin to figure her out. I find that Heather contradicts herself constantly. First she’s saying she has a problem with me because I was rude to her. Then she says she has a problem with me because we don’t ‘jive.'”

From what fans have seen, these two wouldn’t ‘jive’ that well together anyways. Perhaps it is better that these two strong-willed women keep their distance when possible.

Ramona went on to accuse Heather of rigging the fashions at Curve, the boutique where the cast met up for some retail therapy. She felt as though Heather had arranged for her fashions to be less fashionable than the rest of the ladies.

“The outfits that the owner selected that Aviva and Carole were wearing when I walked in were beyond fabulous. Do you think perhaps Heather might have told the owner she doesn’t care for me so much, because I wasn’t getting the great outfits they were trying on. . .”

There is plenty of drama ahead for Ramona Singer and Heather Thompson! Tune in every Monday night!

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