Rand Paul Accused of Courting ‘Non-White’ Vote

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For decades, Republican lawmakers have chosen not to speak at Howard University. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) changed that on Wednesday when he spoke to a group of students at the historically black college. He told the crowd he’d been called, “either brave or crazy to be here”. Now there’s a ruckus about comments he made about the Civil Rights Act, in particular, his claim that he supports the Act but also believes in the right to private ownership. Of course, private ownership includes the ability to exclude whomever you wish from your business. For small government people like Paul, Title II of the Civil Rights Act, the part that prohibits private discrimination, is a double-edged sword.

 photo randhowardbannerrbloomjpg.jpgWhile the focus of Paul’s speech was to ‘open the dialogue between blacks and Republicans’, most of his message was Libertarian at its root. Conservative journalist Peter Brimelow, who WND calls a ‘immigration restrictionist’, said that Paul’s speech and his “attempt to reach out to the non-white vote…a complete waste of time.” Brimelow says he analyzed recent election results and concluded that as Republicans, “you need a high white share to win and low white share you lose.” While that’s obviously true for now, does that mean that the GOP should just ignore a percentage of the population? Rand Paul may not have been a big hit on campus, but at least he’s trying to open dialogue…even if it was a little wacky.

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