Randy Jackson disses ‘The Voice’

Veteran American Idol judge Randy Jackson has shared his opinion of the popular new NBC hit, The Voice. The show has been rivaling Idol, and people are really digging it… however, Randy isn’t as impressed.
Randy Jackson cropped
“It’s a great thing when talent can be simple, honest and revered as opposed to spinning around with gimmicky chairs. Maybe Simon Cowell should have people opening doors. Like, ‘Knock, knock; Who’s singing? I can’t see you,'” he said, totally dissing the show.

Animosity between the judges on each show is only to be expected. In fact, it’s healthy in a way, and it’s all in good fun, right? The Voice has provided a new experience for people who have been watching these straightforward competitions for years (10 years to be exact). The fresh perspective and the new “twist” of the “gimmicky chairs” is what people are actually loving. American Idol is the original singing competition, and nothing will take its place.

That said, do you agree with Randy Jackson or is he being too sensitive?

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