Randy Jackson Heart attack scare – Michael Jackson’s brother checks into hospital, back home now

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According to TMZ.com, Randy Jackson, Michael Jackson’s brother suffered chest pains Tuesday and ended up at Huntington Memorial hospital in Pasadena. A rep for the Jackson family was unsure how long Jackson would be staying at the hospital as of Tuesday, but it appears things are better now. Jackson was a member of the Jackson 5 musical group and was the youngest of the brothers. He’s currently 48-years-old.

The Randy Jackson heart attack scare came after Jackson had been in court for the Dr. Conrad Murray hearing. As of 5:40 PM Pacific Time, TMZ reported that doctors were still conducting tests and Jackson would need to stay in the hospital overnight.

As of earlier Wednesday, TMZ reported that Jackson had checked into the hospital on his own, after simply walking in. The older brother of the late Michael Jackson was extra cautious over his chest pains due to suffering a previous heart attack before, but TMZ is unsure when that was. The family rep reported that Jackson is now back at home and doing OK.

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