Rape and Murder of Jill Meagher a Warning to Women

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The rape and murder of Jill Meagher has police in Adelaide warning their young residents about being safe (even though the crime occurred in Melbourne). It seems that there is a growing number of sexual assaults in the area and in light of this attack it’s important for young women to not put themselves in vulnerable positions like Jill did. Walking home alone after a night of drinking isn’t a good idea when predators could be lurking anywhere. It’s unfortunate that Meagher died the way she did for this warning to be of any relevance.

Jill MeagherThe weekend will soon be underway and it’s easy to fall into the familiar habits of stumbling about in darkened streets after a night of pub-hopping, but the latest events have shown how dangerous it is.

A vigil attracted more than 100 people who laid flowers and other mementos in front of the bridal store where CCTV footage captured the woman talking to the man who allegedly abducted her. Her story captivated people across the entire world, so it’s fitting that so many people would show up in the area around Sydney Road to pay their respects.

Here’s to hoping the family of Jill Meagher can heal and move on after this horrible tragedy. The trial of the man responsible for her rape and murder is facing trial, and hopefully he faces a very stiff form of justice.

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