Raping Bethany Deaton Was a ‘Religious Experience’

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The Bethany Deaton case just keeps getting more and more disturbing with each detail that hits the media. Now the so called “secrets” of the religious group led by her husband are coming to light, and they are not painting a pretty picture. It’s been argued in online discussion whether or not it was truly a “cult” to blame for the death of the 27-year-old woman. Well, those arguments should be put to rest after reading this latest update.

In an extensive report that can be read here, it’s been revealed that Deaton was repeatedly drugged with anti psychotics—which belonged to someone else —and raped by members of the community. Male members of the religious group headed by Tyler Deaton referred to these ritualistic rapes as a “religious experience”. The sexual assaults took place over a course of months, and Micah Moore—the man who confessed to killing the woman—claims that her husband feared she would go to the police.

The details behind this are shaky, but it could be speculated that Bethany Deaton was far from being a willing partner to these group rapes. It’s possible to consider that she may have wanted to leave her husband, who was a community leader affiliated with the International House of Prayer. What’s disturbing is Tyler Deaton led a sermon in memorial of his wife who was then believed to had committed suicide. But Micah Moore’s guilt swept over him during this time and he confessed to the entire thing, while revealing a conspiracy. He is accusing Tyler Deaton of arranging the murder, including the plot to make it appear as a suicide. To make it clear, Tyler Deaton has not been arrested or charged with any crimes. However, the feds are investigating this Manson Family style situation.

The Christian prayer establishment known as the International House of Prayer is trying to separate itself from this incident, but the unwillingness of its representatives to be firm in the truth is disheartening. First they wouldn’t admit that Deaton was a community leader associated with them, claiming it was an “error” that he was listed as such. Then they later released a statement apologizing for not realizing how dangerous Deaton was when they acknowledged him as a community leader. So which is it, guys?

The fact of the matter is this evangelical Christian sect, like most fringe religious groups, attracts easy-to-influence people as well as predators who use that power to influence, control and even cause harm. While IHOP doesn’t want to acknowledge their role in this horrific incident it’s easy to Google the horror stories associated with the group, which was founded in the late 1990s. Their so called campus served as a breeding ground for cultist thought which only festered at the hands of someone who could very well be a dangerous individual.

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