Rapper 50 Cent drops dramatic weight for upcoming movie role

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Rapper 50 Cent, who dropped an astonishing 50-plus pounds for a movie role (l.), researched celebs like Robert De Niro and Renee Zellweger for weight-loss motivation.Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent has shedding a shocking amount of weight for an upcoming role in a movie called “Things Fall Apart”. A film the rapper also co-wrote.

The film “Things Fall Apart” is based off a a childhood friend of 50 Cent’s who died of cancer. In the film 50 Cent, who will play alongside Mario Van Peebles lost 25 kilograms to play the American footballer who suffered from cancer. He went from 97 kilograms to 72.5 kilograms in the matter of 9 weeks.

In order for the rapper to lose the dramatic weight he said he continued his normal fitness regime and he walked on a treadmill for 3 hours a day. He was also on a liquid only diet.

50 Cent also said trying to keep the lost weight wasn’t an easy task and he had to do some research when trying to keep the weight off became difficult.

“I had to discipline myelf not-to actually have myself be in the physical state to convey the energy I felt. It’s a passion project for me.” 50 Cent said.

Some have speculated that the picture of 50 Cent of the weight loss is not really him, claiming his tattoos were missing and some say, he really does look like he has cancer.

In a recent interview with People.com 50 Cent said he removed the tattoos because it was easier to get the desired look he wanted for the movie. He says it was better to have them removed then having them covered up.

50 Cent says he doesn’t expect an award for his role in Things Fall Apart, based off the fact that he hadn’t received any awards for the success in his music.

“It would be a surprise to win any acting awards, noting that it was already a reward to have people aware of the role.” 50 cent said.


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