Rapper Drake Called ‘Corny’ and an ‘Actor’ by Another Fellow Rapper

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Here comes another rapper taking shots at Drizzy Drake.

After his much publicized beef with rapper Common and then one with DMX, Drizzy now has another critic in the rap industry who isn’t fond of the Young Money superstar. Rapper Shyne took to an interview to take direct shots at the Canadian rapper and had some very harsh words to say about him.

In the interview with MTV, Shyne stated: “What does he do? He’s an actor from Canada, so he just studied Lil Wayne, studied Kanye… he studied them and he just acts like a street kid?”

“These dudes couldn’t exist in the Raekwon, Ghostface era,” Shyne said of the hardened 1990s era of rap which he is a product of. “If Big and ‘em was around and ‘Pac, c’mon man, they’d have these dudes for lunch.”

Shyne said if singing is what Drake wants to do, then he should stick to it and said that “I would really prefer Drake to sing about girls and sing about being a good kid from Canada and whatever that entails.” It’s clear that Shyne doesn’t have much respect for Drake as a rapper, let alone an artist. It seems that Drake’s “soft side” in regards to his R&B records have caught him a lot of flack recently with old time rappers who don’t want “hard” rapper image crossed over with R&B’s singing side.

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