Rapper G-Dep Confesses to Murder from 1993 – Trevell Coleman admits to Crime

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Former Bad Boy Records rap star, G-Dep, has recently confessed to a murder dating back seventeen years.  Apparently the rapper, real name Trevell Coleman, was so bothered by his conscience that he walked into a police station to turn himself in for the 1993 murder.

Coleman confessed to the robbery and shooting of John Henkel back in 1993.  At the time, he rode up on his bike, told Henkel it was a robbery, and proceeded to shoot him several times in the chest, before riding off.  Case closed right?  Well, there’s a twist with this story though, according to CBS News.  G-Dep didn’t think the mand had died.  However, he disposed of the murder weapon in the East River in New York, and went on with his life.  The police had considered this a very “cold case” for seventeen years.

Now that Coleman aka “G-Dep” has confessed he is behind bars without bail.  Now, Dep is facing murder charge and potentially serious time behind bars.  He has also told the New York Post that he was on drugs at the time he committed the crime, and didn’t know Henkel before the shooting.  Could that mean Trevell Coleman will have a greatly-reduced penalty and potentially gets away with this 1993 murder?

G-Dep is famous for being one of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ rappers on his Bad Boy Record label.  Among the biggest hit songs to Dep’s credit is the song “Let’s Get It,” which also featured Diddy and Black Rob on rap vocals.  G-Dep hasn’t had a lot of hit music in recent times though, and he might not ever again.

What will the fate of Trevell Coleman aka “G-Dep” be for confessing to this seventeen-year-old murder case?  Will he get off too lightly, or does he deserve a reduced penalty for confessing, even if it’s 17-years later?

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