Rapper Inkyy Tweets ‘YOLO’ Before Dying in Fiery Crash

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In a chillingly prophetic, weird course of events, promising rap artist Inkyy was on Twitter moments before dying in a 120 mph car crash.

What makes the story so bone-tingling horrific was his last tweet:

“Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #F***It. YOLO.”

YOLO, of course, stands for You Only Live Once in web speak.

The rising rapper from Southern California, Ervin McKinness (also known as Jew’elz) was riding in a car with four others near Ontario Canada on September 2, when he took to the web for a tweeting play-by-play of the drunken joy ride.

Everyone in the car was killed when the driver reportedly ran a red light and smashed into a wall at 120 mph just minutes after that last message. It’s not clear exactly who the driver was, because the scene of the crash was so jumbled.

Luckily, no pedestrians or residents of the neighborhood were hurt or killed. But it’s safe to say everyone in the car, including Inkyy, was partially at fault for engaging in such terribly reckless activities like drinking and driving too fast.

And, of course, tweeting/texting about it.


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