Rapper Ja Rule Will Be Going to Jail This Week

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Rapper Ja Rule rushed to get his new album, “Pain is Love 2,” finished for a July release because this coming Wednesday he’s off to jail for the next two years.

When he appeared on Good Day New York this morning he explained about the attempted weapons possession conviction that is sending him to the slammer.

He was leaving a concert and the police stopped him on a highway. When the car was searched a gun was found. The rapper was very up front about his arrest. New York City has some very tough laws concerning guns and when his was found he “manned up” to it. He said that laws are laws are there to be followed.

It just so happens that early this morning ex NY Giant star, Plaxico Burress, was released from an upstate New York prison where he’s been for the last 20 months. In 2008 he was charged with gun possession after accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a night club.

When Rule was asked if he’s spoken to Burress the Hollis, Queens native said that he knew Plaxico but they never discussed prison.

Rule’s only regret is that his three children have to go through the pain of seeing their dad going to jail.

The news anchors asked if he was afraid of prison and the rapper said that even though it wasn’t inevitable that he would wind up in prison he said that many of his friends and family did spend time behind bars so he isn’t really surprised at his fate.

In a lighter moment, Ja Rule asked news anchor Greg Kelly, son of New York City’s Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, if he could speak to his dad and help him get less time to serve.

In these days where the news is filled with rappers being arrested on drug charges, gun charges, or both and then running away from the situation it’s good to see this man own up to what he did and understand why he has to spend the next two years of his life in prison away from his family.

By the time the interview ended fans and non fans alike just might have gained a little more respect for the singer. Here’s a video of this morning’s show.

Ja Rule: MyFoxNY.com

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