Rapper Nelly latest celebrity caught in Sierra Blanca drug net

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Rapper Nelly should have read the Fiona Apple, Snoop Dogg, and Willie Nelson drug bust news before be-bopping down to Texas and trying to go through the Sierra Blanca checkpoint. At the very least he should have made sure everyone on his tour bus was clean and didn’t have heroin on them. After all, TMZ has been reporting this stuff all year.

He didn’t.

In fact, there were 36 small bags of the illegal substance as well as 10 pounds of marijuana on his tour bus when it rolled up to the border patrol checkpoint.

Billboard reports on Thursday that Brian Keith Jones is taking the rap for the drugs, as well as a .45 caliber gun which was also found on the tour bus that boasted seven total occupants at the time.

Given that it is only common sense a border patrol agent is going to be looking for drugs during checkpoint stops, it seems ludicrous that any celebrity would dare to attempt to bring pot or any other drug up to that legal search site. And even less so if they read the celebrity gossip tabloids that you know that they do.

Yet the celebrity world continues to amaze—either showing their indifference to the laws of the land, or showing the rest of the country how badly drugs really do affect the brain, since they keep getting put in the national spotlight for drug-related arrests and news stories.

So the old ’80s anti-drug commercial that shows an egg frying in a pan, which says, “This is your brain, and this is your brain on drugs,” might need to air some more, because some celebrities like Rapper Nelly, and their tour bus guests, just aren’t getting it. And that makes one thing that their brain may really be fried.


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