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I pulled into my driveway late last week and saw a great big bird in the middle of the street.  It was a raptor kind of bird on some sort of heap.  Well, I rubbed my eyes.  No, I wasn’t asleep. Then I grabbed my Nikon, got out of the car and ran up the hill not very far.  The bird high-jumped from the street to someone’s grass.  I quietly walked more slowly than fast and spied the bird under a redwood tree.  It was standing still, just looking at me.  Peeking out from below it’s feet,  was a squirrel half it’s size, but not too petite – a lifeless creature, I could tell by the eyes.





The bird looked away turning back from me and then did a hundred and eighty degree, spinning round it’s head to look right back at me.  I kept on shooting while it stayed still and waved the neighbor next door,  to climb the hill before the bird might soar, so she could take a gander at this regal hawk who never made a single squawk.  It simply starred us down until we had to go.  It really won the game and I still don’t know if he ate the squirrel then, as it was too big to lift, or if it abandoned the corpse for a lighter gift.  I think it didn’t know just what to do and was thinking it over like we might do.  Oh well, we’ll never know but at least I’ve got these pictures to show.


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