Rare 8mm ‘Star Wars’ Footage Posted Online (Video)

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Nearly 8 minutes of raw 8 mm film taken in 1982 by a lucky fan who crashed the set of the Star Wars sequel Return Of The Jedi has been posted online, and Sci-fi geeks are ecstatic with pleasure over having something new to get all nerdy over.

And for good reason. It’s a stupendous find.

The video consists of raw, spliced together clips of silent film taken by the insanely dedicated SW fanatic Jeff Broz, leader of a group of spy-fi fans who got close enough to the set of Jabba the Hutt’s sand barge to catch some truly historic shots of a future galaxy, far, far away. And very grainy, apparently.

Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamil and a crew of (literally) gritty actors, extras, carpenters, cameramen and technicians braved the scorching heat and neverending sand of Buttercup Valley, California in the summer of 1982 while filming the pivotal Star Wars scene in which Boba Fett meets his demise, falling into the mouth hole of the ever-hungry Sarlacc.

The footage recalls a different time in movie history when fans who made it to remote locations were rewarded with being allowed to film from afar, so long as they played nice. In the present age of the Internet, such toleration is a thing of the distant past, in a galaxy all too close.

But, alas. That is the way of things. The way of the Force.

Here’s the video:

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