Rare Amur Leopard Captured in Photos in China

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A rare Amur leopard was captured for the first time in a photograph in China. The endangered species lives on the Chinese-Russia border. Sadly, only about 30 to 40 of these beautiful cats remain in the wild.

Rare Amur Leopard Captured in Photos in ChinaThe good news about these rare Amur leopard photos is that they suggest that the population is increasing. The animals have been on the endangered species list since 1996, and it is nice to hear that efforts to save them appear to be having some success.

The Wildlife Conservation Society donated 16 cameras in Jilin Province’s the Amur Tiger National Nature Reserve, and the rare photos of the Amur leopards in the wild were just released. Officials believe that between eight and 11 of the creatures live in China, and there are another 29 that live in a similar park in Russia.

Thank goodness there are groups devoted to protecting these beautiful cats; otherwise, they may have been lost for good, which would have been a terrible tragedy.

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