Rare Mariah Yeater Video Emerges

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The world has grossly underestimated Mariah Yeater. First, she claims the Justin Bieber is the father of her infant son. Then, when news stories surrounding her and the story calm down, some more news breaks that she is dropping the paternity suit. Or, is she?

While that has yet to be determined, and it is unclear where the story initially began, more things concerning Yeater are leaking out today. An unreleased video emerged on YouTube which shows Mariah Yeater walking her son through the park. While out, she stops to give an interview!

Her lawyers wish to keep her out of the spotlight, but in the video, Yeater seems more than willing to talk! She doesn’t really give any new information about the Bieber case. It is unclear when the video was taped, but it was uploaded to YouTube on November 14.

Does Mariah talking to the media really hurt her case? It’s hard to say. People are definitely intrigued by this woman for one reason or another and are waiting to see just what she will do next. In many of her interviews, she declines to answer many questions, so nothing new is ever really learned.

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