Rare Panda Cow is Born in Colorado – Ben the Cow’s Celebrity Status (Video)

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An intriguing new animal was recently born in Colorado, the “Panda cow.” This rare cow that has white stripes like a panda is just one of twenty four in the world!

According to a report from NY Daily News, the cow was born in northern Colorado at Campion on a farm.  Farmer Chris Jessen is pictured with the black-and-white striped cow, which he named Ben.  Jessen apparently raises other miniature animals including a mini-kangaroo which also resides on the farm.

Ben, the male cow resembles a panda with a white band around its midsection and white on its head as well as black patches around the eyes.  So how did this panda cow come about?  Well apparently it’s not a freak of nature but instead genetic manipulation.  The cow born on this past Friday was born to a Lowline Angus cow.  According to Jessen, these particular cows can fetch as much as $30,000.

It’s not every day a panda cow is seen, and that makes him a valuable commodity.  In this case, there hasn’t been any report of whether Jessen will be keeping the cow as his pet or selling it.  However, this panda cow seems like a celebrity in the making.  Ben should go for more than $30,000 though! Maybe he can get some commercial, TV and movie roles?  His own reality show, “Keeping Up with Ben the Panda Cow!”

It’s likely Farmer Jessen would disagree and say his panda cow is a priceless pet, one he plans to hold onto for the sake of his collection.

Check out Today Show’s report below via YouTube video.  Pretty cool looking cow, or do you find it scary?  Vote in the poll below regarding what you would do with this Panda cow!

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