Rare Sri Lankan Primate Found: Photo: Extinct No More

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A rare Sri Lankan primate missing for 8 years and even presumed to be extinct by some, has been found. The are Sri Lankan primate was recently photographed for the first time by the “Zoological Society of London, the University of Colombo, and Open University of Sri Lanka.

The little 8-inch Sri Lankan loris primate was discovered in 1937 but went unseen for 60 years. It was then that this loris was presumed to have become extinct. But upon being was in 2002, new interest and research was done try and track it down.

Zoological Society of London’s conservation biologist Craig Turner said of the hundred or so Sri Lankan loris primates,

Potentially this is the rarest primate we’re aware of today. There’s no means for these lorises to move between the [remaining]forest patches. In terms of breeding and finding mates, it is very difficult for them.

The real focus now has to be on the remaining forest areas and looking at how we can enhance and protect them, and also reconnect them to one another.

Upon seeing the new pictures of the rare Sri Lankan loris primate, scientist believe it my be a new species and not “a subspecies of Sri Lanka’s red slender loris” as originally thought.

This is an amazing rediscovery and now the rare Sri Lankan primate may still be rare but it will no longer be hidden from our eyes. I hope scientist will be able to better protect and eventually breed the rare Sri Lankan primate.



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