Ray Allen Trade Coming from Boston Celtics?

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A Ray Allen trade by the Boston Celtics could become a reality. The Celtics have a hot commodity in Allen and a trade could make sense here. Holding on to Rajon Rondo and trading away one of the three big veterans seems like the best way to help the team in the long-term. According to Celtics writer Sean Devensey, Allen has actually generated more interest than Rondo on the trade market.

There are reasons to get worried if you are a Celtics fan here. Allen is still scoring on a consistent basis and has hit on 48.5 percent of his three-point attempts this year. That’s a big number to try to replace on offense, especially with his 14.5 points per game on just under 11 shots per game. He is also a guarantee from the free throw line with his 92.2 percent mark this season, making him invaluable in late-game situations. If the Celtics did decide to part with Allen, the team would take a step back.

This is an early stage rumor in the NBA, so there isn’t a second team linked to the Celtics at this time. With the team struggling to a 15-17 record so far, the trade rumors were bound to start up, but there is a lot of time before the NBA trade deadline (March 15) for the team to find the right deal. The roster doesn’t appear capable of competing for another NBA title, so the smartest move possible is to begin the tear-down that will net younger assets.

Do you think that Ray Allen is the first of the four superstars that the Boston Celtics should try to trade? Do you think that Boston might just decide to hold the roster together and surprise another team in the 2012 Eastern Conference Playoffs?

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