Ray J and Whitney Houston Friendship, Bobbi Kristina Discussed by Teddy Riley

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Singers Ray J and Whitney Houston were “true friends” according to the latest comments from hip hop singer and producer Teddy Riley. Riley, who was part of the R&B group Blackstreet, recently spoke about Houston’s death as well as daughter Bobbi Kristina.

According to VIBE, Riley says during his sit down that the singer, whose real name is William Ray Norwood Jr., was a “main bright spot” in Whitney Houston’s life. He notes, “He was there for her. He was there through everything she went through. He was a true friend.” Also of interest, he says that the singer was there for Whitney’s daughter as well:

Ray J was there for Bobbi Kristina. Some of the things that I’ve seen and heard, Ray J was there for both of them through it all. I can’t really say too much because I know the true stories and it’s private.

He adds that he felt Houston was going to make a comeback, with a possible sequel to her Bodyguard film and work on a soundtrack for Sparkle. Unfortunately, Teddy Riley didn’t get to do that, and Whitney didn’t get a return starring role. Her death has certainly weighed heavily on many in the industry including friends Ray J and colleague Teddy Riley.

It sounds like from what Riley is saying that Ray J truly cared about Whitney Houston. There had been rumors and talk of him being nothing more than a “boy toy” for the singer, but it appears he had a much more prominent role in the lives of both Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina. If this is true, then he deserves a lot of credit for doing his best to help the singer during her troubled times. He may even continue to be a big part of the life of Bobbi Kristina as she attempts to move on.

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