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I found an interesting essay on Slate.  Check it out.


I came across this in  The New York Review of Books the other day. The book in question is an electronic version of Alice in Wonderland:

Copy: No text selections can be copied from the book to the clipboard

Lend: This book cannot be lent to someone else

Give: This book cannot be given to someone else

Read aloud: This book cannot be read aloud


Okay, I don’t know if e-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc) have copy/paste capability, so we’ll give that first one a pass. Lending or giving: It’s not clear if this a legal statement or just a big fat duh. Of course you can’t give/lend people e-books, unles you hand them the whole machine.

As for reading aloud, this does seem to be a legal notice; let’s see anyone try to enforce it.

I myself don’t own an e-reader, partly for the reasons stated above, and partly because no one can tell me how long these gadgets are supposed to last. If I spend that much money, I want at least five years of use (the first Kindles came out three years ago).  Besides, I like the company of my books; I’d miss them if they were suddenly trapped inside some machine.

Any thoughts?








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