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The Living Light of
God is Fully Present in
Every Expression.

[Rich Note: Hi! Rich Hay here with a “pop-up” response to a comment to the linked “The Sandy Jones, Rich Hay, Bill Samuel and Friends ‘Living Light Show'”, Episode 1.1 video I felt called to share with every one: view link

“Thank you very much, Jeanette! Amazingly enough (at least seen from here) the conversation only got better, as Sandy spoke more and Rich less. Or, as someone once sang in a song, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” 

I knew by the middle of the conversation that something really special was happening (commenting at the time, “Lights are going off all over the place here!” – a characterization that inspired the “Living Light Show” title), as Sandy increasingly gave Voice to, and, in so doing, bore Living Witness and Testament to the “Sweet Simple Peace, Beauty, Joy and Spontaneous, Child-Like Wonder” that the “Living Light of Love” Bill Samuel had so obviously sparked in Sandy became ever more apparent (a “Living Light” that Bill can like-wise spark in anyone who listens to his Message, “gently, softly and with the Heart”).

Jeanette, after 40 years as an “overly intellectual” Truth Seeker, I can say that the one thing I know is the Truth when I see, hear and feel It; and in those 40 years I can honestly says I have never before been Blessed to experience such a “Sweet Living Expression of the Light and Love of God” (and I’m sure Bill Samuel would agree) as Sandy Jones — though the human side of her would no doubt cringe and probably scold me for saying that — unveils and clearly reveals during this remarkable conversation.”

[Rich Note: I linked the YouTube version instead of the Gather version, which I am not inclined to repost at this point, do to the better visual quality of the photographs.]

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