Read 52 Books in a Year- October Update

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Last update I made was at book number 20.  I have a lot of catching up to do as far as the posts go, but I have read at least 73 books at this point.  Here are a few that I just got through after a recent trip to the library.

21. The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett

This was a super interesting read and I am typing up a book review for it over on my blog, The Opening Lines, if you want to check it out.

22. Aphrodite, A Memoir of the Sense by Isabel Allende

I think I read this in the past, but even if I did it was a beautiful read.  Sometimes I think I am the only one who feels the way I do about the sense, my memories and life, but then I read something like this and I know its not just me.

23. Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coehlo

Not sure how I missed reading this book before as it is by one of my favorite authors.  I read a review on it though, and picked it up.  The opening line of Eleven Minutes is, Once upon a time there was a prostitute called Maria…….

It’s a great read. Buy it, loan it from the library, download it to your e-reader– just read it.

24.  The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science by Richard Holmes

I read this book between everything else I was reading, but I expected it to take longer to get through than it actually did.  Considering the material, it is a very interesting read.  The author did a great job of balancing out the topic so that anyone can enjoy it and stick through all the tidbits.

25. The Spanish Armada: The Great Enterprise Against England 1588 by Angus Konstam

Nothing I haven’t read before.

26. Don’t Know Much About Literature: What You Need to Know but Never Learned About Great Books and Authors

I picked up this book to see if there was anything I was missing– bookshelf wise.  I ended up flipping through some of the selections on the great books that I never really appreciated to see if there was anything I was missing– or if I would change my mind about any of them.  The mind changing did not happen, but I think this book is valuable for those that are not as familiar with many of the Great Books.

27.  From the Library of C.S. Lewis: Selections from Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey by James Stuart Bell with Anthony Palmer Dawson

I really, really liked this book.  Many of the excerpts that were included, I have read or have the books so it was nice to be able to go back and read the full volume and see where C.S. Lewis was being inspired.  I also liked that not only did they include excerpts from the writings, but they gave you a little background on each of the authors.

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