Real Housewife Alexis Bellino: Women’s Lib Ruining America

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Alexis Bellino, one of the multitude of bottle blond twits from Real Housewives of Orange County, claims that women’s lib and feminism are the downfall of American society. She thinks her “traditional marriage” is what is keeping America strong.

On Real Housewives Bellino said that she’s okay with following her husband around and doing what he wants, “because he’s the man.”

Excuse me? later posted a clarification in her blog and said the following:

“I think America is going through a liberal movement, and the older, more traditional marriage values are becoming something of the past. However just because we have a more traditional marriage does not mean I do not make my own decisions. As you can see just in this one episode, I chose to wear the dress I wanted, not the dress that was Jim’s first choice.”

Oh, so it’s okay, because he let you wear the dress you wanted to wear. You must really feel like an independent woman because of that.

Alexis Bellino is an idiot.

Of course Bellino is the type who would rather let her husband make all the decisions. After all, he’s the one who pays for everything–her hair extensions, her implants, her other all-too-obvious plastic surgeries, her house, her lifestyle… essentially her entire life. She’s perfectly content being the perfect little housewife and having no life or career of her own.

But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us should have to follow Alexis Bellino’s example.

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