‘Real Housewife of Atlanta’ NeNe Leakes Divorce! Housewife..no more!

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NeNe Leakes, Real Housewife of Atlanta, and her husband Gregg Leakes are headed down the road of divorce. Here goes another divorce. Wow, this never gets old. Will NeNe Leakes go through with this divorce?

Gregg called into the show, not knowing he was being taped, and confirmed that not only were the two contemplating getting a divorce but also states that he gave NeNe  more than $300,000 to her on the Real Housewives reality series and he wants every penny back. Hmm, do you think we might know why the two have decided to get a divorce?

As NeNe and Gregg are reflecting their divorce, they have completely ignored each other. According to reports, NeNe Leakes has been spending an enormous amount of time in L.A., while her soon-to-be ex-husband is living in Atlanta. Usually if you are deciding to file for divorce you need to discuss the matter. Maybe not in this case.

Unfortunately, Gregg apologized to NeNe after saying things on the show that he felt threatened now that she has become the breadwinner in their relationship. So, what is really going on? Are NeNe Leakes and her husband Gregg really getting a divorce? Will we ever really know?

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