Real Housewife of NYC LuAnn de Lesseps-Singer?-Listen Here

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Is it classy to go on a reality show that flaunts your wealth? It is in the world of “Real Housewives of New York City” star, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps. She’s released a single called “Money Can’t Buy You Class”. Yes, she married royalty and now she is a singer. Why do some of the Real Housewives think they have marketable skills other than shopping?

Countess Luann’s song reeks of auto-tune and is just as bad as, Atlanta “Housewife”, Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy for the Party”. It’s even a little obnoxious to listen to someone preach etiquette in song. If I need some good etiquette advice, I’ll go to Emily Post. Just because you have the money to fund a singing career, doesn’t mean you should.

According to E! Online, she’s in the process of recording another mess, called “Chic, C’est la Vie”. LuAnn says the new song is, “about gems, jets and silhouettes and champagne in the sky, fine premieres and fireworks every single night.” Doesn’t that sound classy? The countess should really pay attention to the name of her song–Money really can’t buy you class–or talent.

The song is on sale at iTunes if you have some money to burn and you really want it on your iPod. If she intended the song to be something like a parody, that’s one thing but she really takes the singing seriously. If you look at her Facebook page, some people like the song, so I won’t judge their musical tastes. I don’t think this will launch a true singing career though. Keep on shopping and charity work, Countess — that’s good enough.

Elegance is learned, my friend

Do you think someone with real class and elegance would be discreet and not flaunt their money?

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