‘Real Housewives’ Alexis Bellino Cried Before Nose Job

Alexis Bellino is no stranger when it comes to plastic surgery but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t get nervous before going under the knife. The Real Housewives of Orange County star got a nose job last fall and it was caught on camera by Bravo TV. The episode is set to air on Tuesday’s all new episode of the show.

The reality star underwent the surgery to correct a sinus problem that she had been suffering from for four years. Despite her decision to go through with the surgery, she was still very nervous and even broke down in tears before being taken into the operating room.

There was a bit of panic and even some prayer before Alexis Bellino went through with the rhinoplasty, but now that it’s complete she seems to be happy with her decision. She explained that her surgery was not so much about a “hump” in her nose but more to correct her sinus issues. Tune in on Tuesday night to see how Alexis made out.

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