‘Real Housewives’ Brandi Calls the Other Women ‘Mean’

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be over, but Brandi isn’t done speaking out about the season and the reunion, which was one of the most dramatic to date. It is rumored that Brandi will be part of the third season as a steady cast member, so she should be prepared for the drama from the other women. However, Brandi doesn’t find the other women too nice. In fact, she calls them downright mean.

In a new interview with HollyScoop, Brandi explains that she has had a hard time fitting in with the women. Sure, Brandi is a bit more outspoken while the other women seem to be more concerned about their money and who said what about who on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “I’ve never really experienced anything like that,” Brandi shared about her first season on the show as a secondary character. “It was kind of like going into mean girls’ camp and fighting your way out and like, I’ve never experienced it so I didn’t know how to deal with it,” she explains. While that could explain some of her odd behavior, it is still her big mouth and call-it-as-she-sees-it attitude that has earned her a spot on the show.

However, Brandi isn’t alone. She has become good friends with Lisa, who isn’t one to take drama from anyone. During the reunion, she was attacked by Adrienne, Kyle and Taylor, but rather than fight back, she just shrugged it off and expressed disappointment in the other women. And everyone knows that disappointment hurts more than anger. So Brandi won’t be alone on the upcoming season of the show, but expect the drama!

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