‘Real Housewives': Cedric in Hospital Due to Stress of Show?

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Some of the women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have gone through a tough time. Camille Grammer separated from her husband, Kelsey Grammer, after he admitted to having a long-term affair with his now wife. In addition, Taylor Armstrong ended an abusive marriage and lost her estranged husband to suicide. Yet, it is not any of these women who have ended up in the hospital due to the stress of the reality show. Cedric Martinez was rushed to hospital on Sunday night because of the stress of the show, reports Radar Online.

Although Cedric didn’t say directly that it was the show that caused his heart pains, a source close to him believes that the show is causing it. And Sunday night when he was rushed to the hospital was the same night that he crashed Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR opening party on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Ken, Lisa and the RHOBH producers are making Cedric sick,” the source close to Cedric told Radar Online.

Cedric stayed overnight and went home to rest on Monday. Viewers may be confused as to why Cedric is stressed. Last season when he was on the show, he got everything he wanted. This season, he was in front of the cameras for less than 5 minutes. But Radar Online reports that Cedric was indeed invited and it is believed that he thought Lisa was ready to make amends. But when she threw him out of the party, telling him that she wishes him nothing, it was too much for him.

But it seems odd that he gets stressed months after the show filmed. Wouldn’t he have moved on by now?

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