‘Real Housewives': Dwight Eubanks Arrested in Atlanta

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Last season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Dwight Eubanks was the best friend for some and the worst enemy for others. On the show, he claimed that he invested close to $30,000 in getting Sheree’s clothing line off the ground and he was also accused of lending Greg, Nene’s ex-husband, $5,000. In fact, all Dwight ever did on the show was bash other people and seemingly hand out money to people.

But who is having the last laugh now? Dwight Eubanks was arrested in Atlanta for driving with a suspended license. He was also charged. According to the Huffington Post, “officers spotted the outspoken reality star driving his Chevy Tahoe in the downtown area of Freedom Parkway and Boulevard on December 14 with the driver’s side headlight out.” Ah, yikes! A single headlight caused him to get pulled over and then arrested? He is probably regretting that he didn’t get that fixed!


Eubanks was taken into custody and is now awaiting a court date. The arrest comes just days after he gave an interview where he explained he was glad to be off The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Of course, he used the show to promote himself and any business ventures he was doing, but the women clearly gave him a bad name with his money issues and frequently adding drama to the mix. Perhaps he is hoping that his dramatic arrest will land him a spot on the show again, since he does have four mortgages to pay off.

Would you want to see Dwight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta again?

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