‘Real Housewives’ Fans Think Teresa is Wrong in Her Arguments

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice keeps denying she did anything wrong when it comes to her cookbook. Sure, she talked about her costars but it was all in good fun. She claims she didn’t mean to insult her costars by bringing up their children, comparing them to her own children, but she doesn’t recognize that the other women were hurt. It seems like a never-ending battle between the women; Teresa can’t acknowledge she hurt the women and the women won’t move on until they get an apology.

How much is Teresa Giudice worth? Is she bankrupt?Well, on last night’s episode, Jacqueline tried to bring Teresa and Melissa together in hopes of getting that apology from Teresa so the women could move on. However, the conversation turned into an argument as in true The Real Housewives of New Jersey style. Melissa and Teresa ended up fighting it out, while Jacqueline probably regretted the whole attempt to solve the issues.

Fans watching the show was convinced that Teresa should have apologized to Melissa. In fact, 62.9 percent of fans believed that Teresa was wrong in what she did and an apology would have been the right thing to do to move on. Even if she didn’t feel she did anything wrong, she should apologize for hurting people. But, 37.1 percent of fans didn’t think Teresa needed to apologize. If she doesn’t see anything wrong with it, she shouldn’t have to apologize.

Do you think Teresa should have apologized on last night’s episode? Was Jacqueline’s intention honest or did she expect the drama to come?

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