‘Real Housewives': Is Adrienne Forgiving Lisa for Rude Shoe Comments?

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Last week, Adrienne Maloof showed off her newest shoe collection on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her fellow housewife cast member, Lisa Vanderpump, was less than excited on Adrienne’s behalf. In fact, on the show, she threatened with her own shoe and starting a competitive shoe line.

Although Lisa Vanderpump wrote an official apology on her Bravo blog in hopes of regaining her friendship with Adrienne, it took Adrienne a while to respond to Lisa’s apology. And what she wrote may or may not be an official apology. Here is what she wrote on her Twitter in response to her fellow The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member:

“Your intended humor came across sarcasm about something very important to me. Hopefully you can see why it came across as hurtful just as I now understand it was meant to be funny. Certainly you and I have much better things to do than continue on this subject! More than willing to chalk it up to lessons learned and move on!! I know you’ll agree there are far more significant things happening in the world to dwell on!!”

So is this an apology for Lisa’s harsh comments about Adrienne’s shoe line? Or is Adrienne simply giving Lisa a warning? It seems that the two The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills women can get along as long as it is not a competition between the two.

But if Lisa disrespects Adrienne one more time, she may have something else to say about her. What do you think about this The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feud?+

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