‘Real Housewives': Is NeNe Quitting Atlanta for Beverly Hills Cast?

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Rumors have been circulating that NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta may be quitting that cast to move to join the Beverly Hills women. Is it even possible that NeNe would even fit into the gang in 90210? She can be very dramatic, but the women in Beverly Hills are more about talking behind one another’s backs than actually doing a full confrontation and pull some hair.


But NeNe is staying in Atlanta for as long as she can. NeNe is a southern girl and although she has had success lately, she is more of an Atlanta girl than Beverly Hills. “I don’t know if I would transition and work with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she explains. “They’ve never done that before so that would be very interesting if Bravo pulled that out. Right now, I think they like me in Atlanta.”

But given that NeNe recently announced that she was rich on an episode of Atlanta, it could be possible that she would fit into the rich-mentality despite not being able to afford a house in Beverly Hills. But surely her attitude would make her noticed. “I would give [RHoBH] a run for their money.”

Could you see NeNe hanging out with the Beverly Hills women?

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