‘Real Housewives’ Jacqueline Laurita Gets Filler

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Every time Bravo’s Andy Cohen hosts a Real Housewives reunion, he always asks the women what work they have done. Many assume that the women have had work done, especially those living in Orange County, but some of the women flat-out deny getting work done. Now, Jacqueline Laurita can’t deny it anymore. She flat-out told her fan base on Twitter about getting filler on her nose.

And she is not afraid to share her results, because it turns out she is proud of her work and her new nose. “U know how my nose was scooped a little too much? @drkassir took about 2 min. of his time2fill in that space to fix that.I freakin’ LOVE it!” she tweeted recently. A two-minute filler procedure will give her a long time of joy.

In case you didn’t know, Jacqueline did have a small bump on her nose. It was hard to spot and although it wasn’t noticeable, surely it affected this Real Housewives of New Jersey star enough to actually do something about it. Jacqueline tweeted a picture of the result, so see if you can spot the different. “Here’s a profile pic. He just used a filler. Not permanent but Ill keep it up! I like it better.Never knew I could do that,” she shared.

Do you like the final result?

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