‘Real Housewives’ Jill Zarin’s Sister Thinks She is Better than Stay-at-Home Mothers

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The former The Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin is used to saying things that gets her in hot water, but it seems her sister Lisa Wexler is just as bad as Jill herself! Lisa recently spoke at a charity dinner held by the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas and she thought she had something inspirational to offer. But instead, she managed to insult a great deal of people who ended up storming out in the middle of the event. One could assume that Lisa won’t be speaking next year. So what did this diva say to make her appear better than everyone else?

How much money is Jill Zarin Net WorthWell, Jill Zarin’s sister managed to say that “stay-at-home moms are fundamentally unfulfilled as human beings,” comparing their lack of paid work to those who work for a living. Sure, the mothers may not go to the office and get a paid check, but unfulfilled as human beings? How could she possible judge?

However, just like The Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin, her sister didn’t take responsibility for her actions. Rather than explain what she actually meant by the statement, Lisa said that it was blown out of proportion and that the claims are indeed a lie. “I spoke from my heart. I spoke of my values as expressed in our book and on my radio show every day…In a group of 700 women, some will agree with me and others will not. As to the specific allegation that I spoke against stay-at-home moms, that is an absolute lie,” she explained to a tabloid in her defense.

But that doesn’t change the fact that people walked out because they felt insulted. Even though Lisa couldn’t issue an apology to the people who walked out, the organizers did apologize in an email, explaining they weren’t expecting what they got.

It seems that arrogance runs in the family.

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