‘Real Housewives’ Kathy Wakile Reacts to Teresa Giudice’s Hurtful Remarks

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Kathy Wakile of Real Housewives of New Jersey is the latest cast member to lash out at Teresa Giudice because of comments she made about her father. Kathy’s sister, Rosie Pierri, is just as upset with the most polarizing member of the show.

If there’s one thing Teresa is good at, it’s driving friends and family away from her. Has anyone seen someone have so much trouble getting along with others on a reality TV show? Just about everyone on the show has a problem with her in some form or another.

In Kathy’s latest BRAVO blog post, she expressed her anger towards Teresa after she claimed her own father was more of an example to Kathy and Rosie than theirs was. The Real Housewives star wrote on her blog that Teresa “has attacked the most important relationships in my life—my sister Rosie, made comments about … my deceased father.”

While Kathy admits that there was “a respectful relationship” with Teresa’s father, it was “nothing like that of a father and daughter.”

Kathy and Rosie’s father died of leukemia. He suffered seven years and to this day it’s still difficult for them.

“How dare Teresa speculate on the relationship I had with my father, and the type of father he was to me and my siblings,” her blog read. “That statement really sent me over the edge, as it did for Rosie.”

Kathy ended her post by stating Teresa’s “insinuations” about their father’s love hurt her and Rosie the most—bringing the sisters “to a very bad place.”

Next season on the show there will be a new dynamic to the show for Teresa Giudice. Read more about it here. What can come of that and will those women still stand by Teresa? She has no one on her side anymore and now BRAVO is going a different direction. Hopefully it will work for Teresa’s sake.

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