‘Real Housewives’ Kathy Wakile Shares Challenges of Filming with Teresa Giudice

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Kathy Wakile, like everyone else on Real Housewives of New Jersey, has her battles with Teresa Giudice. As the cast just completed part 2 of the reunion series, Kathy updated her BRAVO blog with some thoughts about what happened on the show—including the complications of filming with Teresa. She writes that dealing with the star’s interruptions while taping is extremely hard.

Kathy writes, “We sat on those couches for over 12 hours, and it was a battle to be able to finish a complete sentence without the constant rude interruptions from Teresa!”

Kathy shares that another aggravating aspect about Teresa is she always thinks she knows what she’s talking about:

You can’t imagine how terribly frustrating it is to be asked a question, try to give an answer, and be continually interrupted by someone who truly has no idea what they are talking about! I find it amazing that the person who has the most difficulty maintaining any semblance of a healthy relationship claims to be the expert on my marriage, my relationship with my sister Rosie, and the relationship that existed between my father and his daughters. How does she come up with this stuff? Really!

Kathy Wakile admits she felt bad for what she said to Teresa about her mother. She justified why she lashed out to her about her mother.

I felt bad for the things I said, because I allowed Teresa to drag me into a dark place after Teresa brought her mother and father into our conversation. Whether provoked or not, I am not proud of my outburst. I have never purposely tried to cause harm to anyone, and I do not live my life that way.

Kathy opened up about the plastic surgery she had done last week. Read more here about it. In her blog, she thanked fans and viewers for their compliments after.

Teresa Giudice updated her blog as well. Check out the highlights in this article.

Real Housewives of New Jersey will air part 3 of the reunion Sunday night at 9 p.m., ET/PT.

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