‘Real Housewives’ Kim Richards Gets Nose Job?!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ own Kim Richards just went under the knife. That’s right. According to reports, Richards had a little cosmetic surgery in the form of a nose job.

According to a source, the Real Housewives star just had rhinoplasty in a procedure that is being called a “small tweak to the bridge. It had always been bothering her and she finally decided to do something about it.”

Of course, Kim Richards wasted no time showing off her new beak… nose. Richards showed up at her sister’s White Party a little over a week ago, modeling the results of her surgery. Apparently everyone told the Real Housewives star “how great it looked.”

So, here’s a question about Kim Richards’ surgery. Would anyone at her sister’s party actually dare to tell Kim that her nose job looked horrible? All that really matters is that Kim is happy with the results of the surgery. If the nose job makes her feel better about herself, then it was a success.

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