‘Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak Claims Marlo Will Never Become Part of the Cast

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is done this current season and all that is left is a dramatic reunion. Producers who were present at the filming have given hints that this reunion could be one of the more explosive ones to date, hinting that all of the women have beef with one another—and it will all be addressed. However, one of the women, Kim Zolciak, is one of the original cast members, so she knows what it takes to keep producers happy. Well, she doesn’t think that Marlo Hampton did enough to make a good impression and since she is only friends with NeNe Leakes—who is rumored to be out the door in favor for Hollywood—Marlo may not be appealing enough to continue.

How rich is Marlo Hampton?Well, when a fan asked Kim if Marlo would become a permanent cast member, Kim was quick to respond about her The Real Housewives of Atlanta costar. “It will never happen,” she wrote back. Well, Kim could be right about her prediction considering none of the other women like her. If producers wanted to bring Marlo on as a permanent cast member, they may lose some of the original women, who essentially make the show what it is today.

In addition, she ended up pissing off lots of viewers with her denial, lying and use of an anti-gay slur. Not only was she caught in a lie, but she kept denying that it ever happened. One has to wonder how she will deal with that on the reunion filming. Sure, producers want you to make a statement, create some drama, but they probably don’t want you to piss off the entire gay community. “It doesn’t look like she accomplished anything because she’s still not a housewife, and I don’t think she ever will be,” Kandi has said about Marlo’s appearance on the show.

It seems like Marlo is going bye-bye.

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