‘Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak Isn’t Letting Tax Fraud And Stripping Allegations Get Her Down

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Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame is having an eventful day in the media after a source for Celebrity VIP Lounge claimed Kim not only dodged her taxes for 7 years but was also a high-class stripper. Whether there is any truth to the allegations or not, it would be enough to rattle anyone’s cage. Kim, however, is taking it pretty well based on her Twitter activity.

Kim initially reacted to the claims that she didn’t pay Uncle Sam his due and tweeted, “For the moreon [sic] that wrote the article that I don’t pay my taxes do ur research! Wish I didn’t have to but hey its a part of life!! #cleanconscience.” Granted, she resorted to a bit of misspelled name-calling, but who could really blame her if she feels her conscience is clear? (Interestingly, she didn’t comment on her alleged stripping career.)

Shortly after that tweet, however, it seemed like she put that initial anger behind her and focused on the positive things in her life. After all, she is living the good life with husband Kroy Biermann and has a baby on the way, nor has she forgotten the rest of her family, contrary to further allegations by Celebrity VIP Lounge’s source that she neglected her children.

Kim hammed it up with her daughter Brielle on the social networking site, posting photos of them making faces for each other. She later wrote, “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank GOD for my amazing life! I’m beyond grateful/blessed!” It didn’t seem like Kim is a neglectful mother at all. In fact, it looks like she has a healthy and close relationship with her daughter Brielle, and she probably is just as close to daughter Ariana and son Kroy Jr.

It appears that, regardless of whether she ever gets audited by the IRS or how much bad press she gets, Kim Zolciak will always land on her feet. She appreciates all of the good fortune that has come her way in life, and there will undoubtably be plenty to look forward to in her future.

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