‘Real Housewives’ Kim’s Daughter Puts Phone Number on Twitter

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Some people just don’t understand the power of fame and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak may come to learn that when her daughter’s phone bill shows up next month. Brielle Zolciak, the teenager daughter of Kim, decided to put her phone number on Twitter this afternoon as she would be spending the afternoon in drama class. She thought it would be funny to see how many people would text her during class. “Someone text me I’m gonna be in drama for the next 2 hours,” Brielle tweeted, sharing her personal phone number.

Within the hour, she saw a massive amounts of tweets and phone calls being made, coming from probably all over the U.S. Although Brielle is just a teenager, she has been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta several times when Kim is filming with her daughter. She has become known as the teenage daughter who wants everything without working for it, but she is always a loving older sister.

Well, about an hour later Brielle tweeted a picture of the messages she was getting, kindly bolding out the phone numbers of the callers and texts. “My phones blowin upppp,” she wrote, sharing a picture of the messages she has been getting. Luckily, the messages only reveal nice comments from fans.

Was this smart of her to do? What do you think Kim and Kroy will say when they find out?

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