‘Real Housewives’ Kim’s Relationship with Kroy: Is It Really True Love?

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Kim and Kroy met on an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta when the reality wives attended a charity, where one of the housewives was competing in a dance competition. And while many of the wives were supporting their fellow cast mate, Kim was too busy checking out Kroy’s behind on the dance floor. The couple exchanged phone numbers near the end of the season and when people saw Kim at the beginning of this upcoming season, she was pregnant and expecting to give birth to the couple’s son.

And while many of the other wives are either divorced or living in less-than-blissful marriages, the marriage between Kim and Kroy seems to be ‘the real deal.’ Wetpaint Entertainment did a poll to see how fans see the new marriage between Kim and Kroy on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well, it seems that 42.43% of voters see Kim and Kroy going the distance together, which is probably because the couple has one child together and Kroy is taking the father role for Kim’s two younger daughters.

However, 24.3% of voters don’t think the couple will make it because they moved too fast. Well, the couple didn’t hook up over night as shown on the show. In fact, they dated for a while before getting pregnant and the couple didn’t tie the knot until this past November. Keep in mind that when the show aired when the couple met, they had already been dating for over six months since the show airs much later than the actual filming dates. And finally, 33.27% feel that only time will tell about them making it.

Do you think Kim and Kroy will make it?

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