‘Real Housewives’ Kyle Richards Facial Gone Wrong!

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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Kyle Richards really knows how to freak out her fans. Richards posted a photo on her Twitter page that certainly stirred the pot and made people quite concerned.

Kyle shared a shot of herself, laying in what looked like a hospital bed, head completely bandaged with cables running from her body. Was she okay? Did she have major face surgery?

It turns out that what Kyle Richards was sharing was a photo of her getting a facial. It sure seems like a lot of effort for just a facial. Couldn’t she have opted for some mud or a cucumber paste or something?

Kyle tweeted, “Thinking to ask @Carinasfacial to borrow that ‘mask’ for Halloween :)”

The real question is, was this mess worth it? It certainly gained the ‘Real Housewives’ star some attention and perhaps a Halloween costume idea. Clearly this was something she couldn’t gain by proper hydration and plenty of rest!

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