‘Real Housewives’ Lisa Vanderpump Didn’t Invite Cedric to SUR Opening

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Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had everyone in shock. Cedric Martinez crashed Lisa Vanderpump’s opening party for her new restaurant and lounge, SUR, and there seem to be conflicting reports about what happened. While sources close to Martinez claim that he was invited to the opening, Lisa is adamant that she did not extend such an invitation. In fact, it was pretty clear on the show that she didn’t wish him anything.

“Cedric turned up unannounced and definitely uninvited — the nerve of him after all this time, after what he had done to us as a family,” Lisa writes in her recent Bravo blog. She claims she didn’t know about the so-called olive branch that Cedric was extending, which is why producers supposedly invited him to the opening. Even if he wanted to extend a hand to make amends, what would make him think that she would forgive him after he dragged her name through the mud in the media after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stopped filming last year.

“He wasn’t welcome and never will be. Endless derogatory stories have been told by him and printed in the tabloids, to which I never responded. I will not lower myself to his level and engage in a slanging match. There’s no anger anymore. I have moved on. And always remember — indifference is really the greatest insult of all,” she ends her blog. It is clear that Lisa just wants to move on and forget that she was ever nice to Cedric.

Whose side are you on? Is Cedric lying about his invite or is Lisa doing this for publicity?

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