‘Real Housewives’ Lisa Wu Hartwell Dumps Husband, Now Dating Malcolm Jamal Warner?

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Lisa Wu Hartwell isn’t wasting any time. She just broke things off with her husband of five years, Ed Hartwell, and now she’s rumored to be dating Malcolm Jamal Warner? If true, the timing can’t be described as anything but suspicious.


Lisa Wu Hartwell confirmed that she and Ed are calling it quits just days ago. After all those years together, one would think that she’d be devastated (no matter the reason, divorce sucks). Now, MediaTakeOut is reporting that Lisa’s moved on, allegedly hooking up with former The Cosby Show actor Malcolm Jamal Warner! To make matters even more complicated (is that possible?!), Malcolm is supposedly in a relationship with actress Regina King—a serious one.

Hopefully this isn’t really happening. It would be an epic disaster for all parties concerned. First, Lisa Wu Hartwell is just getting out of a marriage (the rebound risk is super high). Second, Malcolm Jamal Warner, at least until a few days ago, was in a serious relationship with Regina King. Why wreck such a great thing? True or not, it’s hard not to feel sorry for King. Hopefully none of this is true. But if it is… wow!

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