‘Real Housewives’ Michaele Salahi sari sells for big bucks

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Today, Real Housewives of DC personality Michaele Salahi put her sari on auction and it sold — for big bucks.

According to celebrity site Radar Online, the very red, very famous Indian garment — worn to the very notorious 2009 White House state dinner (or at least the reception for that dinner) where the very difficult (this writer’s opinion) Salahi did or did not dine when she allegedly wasn’t invited anyway — went on the block.

The final bid?

A whopping seven grand, about twice the expected get for this gem.

Reportedly, funds from the sold sari will be given to charities. Hopefully, that is so so at least some good came out of what is all bad for everyone except Real Housewives celeb Michaele Salahi and hubby.

With that infamous sari selling for big bucks, one has to wonder what will be done with it. A museum piece, perhaps? Thoughts? Thanks.

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