‘Real Housewives’ NeNe and Kim Fight on Show’s Reunion

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The reunion for The Real Housewives of Atlanta was filmed last weekend and new details are being released about what discussions were taking place. Earlier reports revealed that NeNe decided to take the high-road for most of the filming, taking herself out of the dramatic conversation. In fact, she probably didn’t speak at all to Kim or Sheree during filming. But just because she didn’t get caught up in the drama doesn’t mean that NeNe had nothing to say.

How much is Nene leakes worth?In fact, fans can expect to get some information about her current relationship status, including her divorce from Gregg. As fans saw on the last episode of the show, NeNe had a hard time going to her lawyer’s office because she had mixed emotions about actually divorcing Gregg. But on the reunion, NeNe reveals she is divorced. Well, maybe she just said it because of the context it was revealed on The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Kim was calling NeNe a hypocrite because before Kim met Kroy, she was dating Big Poppa, who was a married man when they were dating. An insider reveals that “Kim called NeNe a hypocrite because, in the past, NeNe had always told Kim to ‘close your legs to married men’ while Kim was dating her married ex-boyfriend, Big Poppa.” Well, apparently, the tables have turned because NeNe was dating John before her divorce was finalized. “You told me to stay away from married men, but here you are—you’re still married—and you’re dating all over the place,” Kim supposedly told NeNe during the reunion taping. “I’m divorced,” NeNe replied.

To see if NeNe was actually divorced when she was dating John while filming can only be revealed by establishing a timeline and comparing the dates from her divorce paperwork. So is NeNe hiding her divorce or is she really a hypocrite?

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