‘Real Housewives’ NeNe Further Reacts to Kim’s Behavior in Episode 2

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Season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta is presenting an overwhelming amount of drama out of the gate. NeNe Leakes’ success party served as the perfect background for strong personalities coming together—and it didn’t disappoint. Who can forget how excited Kim Zolciak was to attend the event?

In NeNe’s updated blog on BRAVO, she touched on Kim’s bad attitude about going to her party that Cynthia Bailey threw for her. Some of Atlanta’s most successful women were in attendance, but Kim wanted out despite the fact NeNe had Phaedra Parks invite her.

Here’s what NeNe had to say in her blog:

Kim’s intentions from the word go are never good! Kim and Sweetie are rude, negative, sad on the inside, and pretend to be happy on the outside, people that need to go sit down somewhere and find some happiness. They look like complete fools going places with their nose turned up being negative and always, always, always have an excuse. I extended the olive branch, and I’m moving on. No matter what people have said, I’ve always stayed true to me.

Kim may have had a good reason to leave NeNe’s party, but did she have to be so confrontational about why NeNe was late? It could have been the perfect time to mend a few fences, but Kim wasn’t having it. Pregnancy hormones?

In another twist on RHoA Sunday night, NeNe met newcomer Kenya Moore for the first time Sunday night. She saw firsthand the growing feud between her and Cynthia. Read more about that here.

Expect more confrontations, volatile exchanges, and hot tempers to erupt on Real Housewives of Atlanta in season 5!

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